We are using the EZY SWITCH sms controllers for remote start/stop of irrigation motors. The EZY SWITCH allows my customers to have the ability to turn pumps on from anywhere is mobile service.

I also use the EZY SWITCH connected to an auxiliary contact on my switching device to tell me that the pump is running or stopped. Otherwise you’re not totally sure it has actually turned on if say overload was tripped.

Chris Bowe, Bowe’s Electrical & Air-Conditioning
Gatton, QLD, Australia
  • 5.00

I am using the SMS Controller for water pump control, both electric and solar with the ability to set up a pulse output water meter connection and daily report the EZY SWITCH is a fantastic economical 3G remote monitoring and control tool. I am also keen to set up a pair of these units for pump control based on water level at another site. This product has given me a simple effective 3G control/notification option for pump and tank level monitoring and control, engine control via a zero volt input to control panels for remote start / stop and for connection to remote security sensors at farm gates, livestock handling facilities and sheds.

The EZY SWITCH is easy to set up and use. The SMS messages to set them up are logical human language, not pc logic. I have the app on my smartphone and spent a few minutes setting it up with the mobile number for the unit, no clumsy finger typo's in bright sunlight or shadows. It is a real treat to take a chance on a device advertised to do what this unit does then find it actually does it and is as easy as it was advertised to be. Outback -Tech will be arranging to make solar powered enclosures with antenna, regulator, battery and gland/conduit entry for mounting on stock water tanks and posts for rural applications using the SMS Controller. In the short time I have been working with the unit I am impressed. The contact and support from EZY SWITCH has been terrific.

Brett Richardson
Water Management & Farm Security
NSW, Australia
  • 5.00

SCS Ltd has been designing remote access and public display information for 10 years. The introduction of the EZY SWITCH to SCS solutions has provided SCS with features and functions that were simply not possible previously.

The EZY SWITCH is used to control and monitor SCS alarm, and public transport display signs throughout NZ. With the access and control the EZY SWITCH offers, the solutions are now more reliable and user friendly to operate. The EZY SWITCH operation is easy to use and offers users a very comprehensive command set. The feedback from the Easyswitch also offers fast resolution to any user error.

SCS Ltd uses, designs and controls all remote products with the use of the EZY SWITCH. SCS also have had the EZY SWITCH modified to work with many SCS products, proving the depth and flexibility of the EZY SWITCH and the support that comes with it.

Bayden Sprozen
SCS Ltd.
  • 5.00

Marlborough Marine Radio Association has now installed two EZY SWITCH SMS-2 units. They are both working well enabling us to activate and de-activate as required the linking between 4 of our maritime VHF repeater channels.

The mobile phone app makes it so simple to control the units. All they do is open the app, push a button and the link is activated, so easy.

Thank you for supplying us with a great system that was simple to set up, easy to operate, and works as the brochure says it will!

Peter Broad
President. Marlborough Marine Radio Association
  • 5.00

The SMS-8 this was a very easy product to setup via texting, very easy to change the text output/input names and changing status of input contacts i.e. from normally open to normally close. I have had experiences with other similar devices and none have been so easy to setup as the EZY SWITCH.

David Hickey
En-quip Ltd.
  • 5.00

Easy to use product and excellent after sales support.

New Zealand
  • 4.50

We are using the SMS-8 for alarming us if any of our air or water pumps fail. We have $60k worth of fish swimming around at any given time so for the investment of under $1000 it is great insurance. The SM8 has been 100% successful. The team at Ezy Switch are very customer focused and I would recommend them to anyone.

Robert Hutton
General Manager
Fluid Power Solutions Ltd.
Port Nelson
  • 5.00

A major US aluminum corporation’s casting division is required to monitor process water that flows into a local stream. Federal government regulations require a sensor to constantly monitor the pH of the effluent and to provide a regular report on any deviation from the standard. The sensor instrument is in a remote part of the plant, therefore, a technician must drive to the site to record the readings from the instrument.

In this application, if the sensor determines an out-of-range reading, it immediately triggers the SMS Controller to send an text alert to the engineering department. Unnecessary trips to the instrument are eliminated saving time and expense for technicians, but perhaps more important is that a real-time alert means the problem can be quickly solved, eliminating possible fines and costly clean-up efforts.

Howard Hill
  • 5.00

We are using the SMS Controller for remote starting and stopping of effluent and irrigation pumps on Dairy farms throughout Southland and South Otago. The SMS also allows notification of pump and failsafe faults for quick repair. The product has been a cost effective way for farmers to start/stop their effluent and irrigation systems, saving time & petrol costs of motorbikes running between the paddock where irrigating and the pump house. They can set up a sprinkler in a paddock and start while still in the paddock. Then if there is an issue, they can stop pump, fix issue and start again without leaving the paddock.

We have found the SMS a fantastic and very simple product to set up and use in our environment.

Tristan Whitaker
NIND Dairy Services
  • 5.00

In designing a Fire Sprinkler System for my rural bush property I was in search for a device that would provide the ability to monitor, report the state of readiness of infrastructure and sensors installed, send alerts on potential problems and in my absent automate and activate the system in the event of fire while given me the ability to have full control over the entire system remotely.

The SMS controller has proven to be the most versatile and cost effect device on the market.The installation of the SMS controller with the engine management system of the diesel powered pump, and infrastructure was extremely simple. For such a small footprint, I found that the SMS controller packs a lot of smarts and flexibility in its applications. It operation far surpassed what I expected for the dollars spent.In dealing with Ezy-Switch Technology I found them to be totally customer focus and extremely helpful.The SMS controller has given my family an enormous amount of peace of mind knowing that in our absents we now have an additional tool that will help in our bushfire prevention plan for our home and property.

Western Australia
  • 4.75

I had a requirement for remote monitoring of live animal capture traps for a local environment protection group. The SMS-2 fitted the bill nicely with a significant saving over commercially available telemetered traps. . Notwithstanding a mistake I made in initial setup, which was solved with a single phone call, the unit was easily set up and customised for my requirements.

The SMS-2 can monitor two traps separated by the length of cable, or multiple traps if daisy chained. The text report functions means I can monitor battery life and status without visiting, and although I have yet to trial this feature the ability to fit a high gain aerial will extend our trapping range into even more fringe areas. I have posted details of the setup and equipment sources here and am happy to answer queries related to the project.

Peter Tait
Stewert Island
  • 5.00

I have a SMS-2 controller connected to my home made alarm system as my home is quite isolated so i have it text me when a sensor picks up someone that comes up the drive, I call that my door bell. It also lets me remotely arm or disarm the alarm. I can also start and stop my pellet fire. Lastly it will notify me in the event the alarm /smoke detector is triggered. Thank goodness I got a message about the alarm, so I was able to call the fire brigade before a fire at my home really got started. I’m looking forward to integrating my new SMS into my new house and always thinking of new ways to automate things.

A nice product and so simple to use.

Thanks guys.

  • 5.00

We are using the EZY SWITCH in a farm dairy pumping installations. This allows the farmer to relocate a travelling irrigator then remotely start the pump so that he can confirm the irrigator operation before leaving the paddock. We also monitor critical faults with the storage pond or irrigation system via the SMS Text. The farmer can confirm the operation of the irrigator while he is in the paddock and can take immediate remedial steps without having to drive all the way to the pump and back.

This gives the farmer more information about the system operation without having to see it for himself. He can then decide how quickly to respond. We found the EZY SWITCH was easy to incorporate into the effluent management system and quick to configure.

Jim Waight
Industrial Control Engineering
  • 5.00

We absolutely love having the EZY SWITCH controlling our gas heater. Especially on those miserable cold winter evenings, having the ability to switch our heater on while we are on our way home is great. We arrive to a cozy, warm house and don't have to wait for it to get heated up.

I particularly like that is sends me a message confirming it is turned on or switched off, and that it turns itself back on after a power outage. If you are thinking about having a remote controlled switch installed then I recommend you get a EZY SWITCH . The Phone-App is easy to use, and you soon wonder how you could ever live without it before!

Michael & Omnoi Bannert
  • 5.00

2G, 3G & 4G options available

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